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Plate and Hump Magnet

Plate Magnet

Permanent Plate Magnets are Suspended over your flow, chutes, ducts or located directly in the flow line, plate magnets produce a strong magnetic field separating tramp iron from your dry flow, maintaining product quality.

It is used for excellent magnetic separation for removing small tramp iron such as nuts, bolts, etc. In certain cases, such as removing fine iron from powders, rare earth magnetic is required. These magnets are maintenance free, easily installed and not affected by wet conditions

Hump Magnet

ELECTRO FLUX Magnetic Hump is an in-line magnet for extracting ferrous metals from pneumatic conveyor systems and chutes.

The hump contains two powerful magnetic plates positioned at right angles to each other. Materials passing through the chute system are evenly distributed through the hump and across the magnets with little turbulence and no blockage.

Any unwanted ferrous metals within these materials will be automatically extracted.

Plate Magnet
Hump Magnet
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