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Vibrating Table (Compaction Table)

The table mounted on mounting springs is vibrated by the unbalance vibro motor mounted at the bottom of the table.

Vibrating Table

ELECTRO FLUX Vibratory Tables offer a fast, efficient and economical method for compacting a wide variety of materials powdery, granular or flaky in boxes, drums or cartons.

They are versatile and widely used for industrial applications to package, shock and fatigue test and for densifying refractory blocks, concrete products. They can also be used as shakeouts for some foundry flasks and in concrete block industries.

ELECTRO FLUX Compaction Table are used to settle, compact and consolidate material.


Electro Flux Unbalanced Vibrating Motor for vertical linear vibration
Standard vibrators offer adjustable frequency
Variable force/speed control is an option
Heavy duty roller conveyors take any load
Air spring isolators for lifting mould boxes off the roller conveyor during vibration cycle
Vibrating Table
Compaction Table
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